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PANASONIC KX-TES824 Advanced Hybrid Telephone System
Expandable from 3 Lines / 8 Extensions to  8 Lines / 24 Extensions
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PANASONIC KX-TDA100 Hybrid IP-PBX Telephone System
Hybrid IP-PBX - 96 Ports
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PANASONIC KX-TDA200 Hybrid IP-PBX Telephone System
Hybrid IP-PBX - 192 Ports
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PANASONIC KX-TDA600 Hybrid IP-PBX Telephone System
Hybrid IP-PBX - 1024 Ports
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PANASONIC KX-TDE100 Converged IP-PBX Telephone System
Total No. of C.O. Line - 128
Total No. of Extensions Line- 128
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PANASONIC KX-TDE200 Converged IP-PBX Telephone System
Total No. of C.O. Line - 128
Total No. of Extensions Line- 256
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TC2000A PABX ( 3 lines x 8 locals )

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TC2000B PABX ( 8 lines x 24 locals up to 8 lines x 128 locals  )

EASY TO INSTALL – Just like installing your common house phone
ONE-YEAR FULL WARRANTY – 1 Year warranty on parts and service
PRACTICALITY – All the important features of a telephone sysyetm at a reasonable price


Transfer Calls
External calls can be transferred to any other extension. The external call is first placed on hold and the answering party can dial the extension number of the intended receipient. At this time, the answering party can consult with the the intended receipient whether to accept or reject the external call.

On-Hold Music During Call Transfer
When transferring, an external call can be placed on hold where it will hear ‘on-hold’ music. This notifies the caller that the call is active and is being attended to.

Extension Privacy
With the TC2000 PABX system, it is not possible for the user of another station to listen-in, accidentally or otherwise, on conversations from other extensions.

Internal call or Intercom
Extension to extension calls can be made without utilizing an outside line. This feature is very useful especially when extensions are far apart.

Operator function
When a call comes in, the TC2000 PABX system can be made to ring any number of extensions (operator extensions).

Call Pickup
Assuming operator function is enabled, an extension (not an operator extension) can pick up a call by dialing the ‘Call Pickup Code’.



Works with most landline phones

Can be upgraded up to 64 locals

Monitor status of cos/locals anytime. ANYTIME. All calls made will be logged for billing / Accounting purposes later

Reuse Your Existing Phones – Save On Cost
Our TC2000 PABX will work with most landline phone as extensions units.  There is no need to buy special phones along with the TC2000 PABX system.

Automatic Line Access
To make an external call, a user just picks up the phone to automatically get the next free line.  No need to check which line is or is not available.

Auto-Attendant (OGM / DISA)
The TC2000 PABX provides an outgoing message system which enables callers to make a direct inward call without the operator. Also, the OGM can be recorded with your own voice.


Easy to install
Connections from our TC2000 PABX to outside lines and to extensions are simple and straightforward. They can be easily be installed by any electrician.

1-year full warranty
We are providing a one-year parts & service warranty for our TC2000 PABX systems. We even have a service unit on standby in the unlikely situation that your TC2000 PABX breaks down.

Built-in memory
The TC2000 PABX has built-in memory to retain all programming information in case of power outages.

Power-failure functionality
In case of power failures, three extensions will continue to function as direct lines for the three outside lines. ( in the case of a 3 x 8 unit )

Value for your money
The TC2000 PABX packs all the important features of a telephone system into a compact, easy-to-use unit priced at a very reasonable level. Why pay more for high-priced PABXs for features you won’t even use ?

Hassle-free usage
Once the TC2000 PABX is programmed, there is no need to reprogram it ever. Its operation is maintenance-free.


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Analogue Proprietary Phones
Digital Proprietary Phones
Single Line Telephones

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